Room Two is the Senior Class of the school and presently has a roll of 17 Year Fours to Eight.

2018 started with a stay at Hillary Outdoors for our older students. Funding has been made available through Wharf To Wharf and Lottery Funding. This excellent venue has been used by us a lot in the past seven years providing challenging activities for our students. Challenge and Change has been the focus for our class in the first two terms.

This Term we have been looking at the history of our area.

Pupils in the class can get support through a Teachers Aide in Darren Milton and a Learning Support programme taken by Vicky Kyan.

Online Learning has become more prominent through innovative foreign Language programmes. Lyn Jackson takes the Senior Class for Mathematics and has spent two years studying modern maths approaches (Accelerated Learning In Mathematics.)

Another Online tool sees our older children connect through the Virtual Learning Network with a group of isolated, rural schools ranging from Halfmoon Bay on Stewart Island in the South to Tapora School in Northland. The culmination of learning is a shared camp in Wellington every two years.

Students are encouraged to look after each other through a Tuakana/Teina partnership where the older children nurture the younger ones and many of our outdoor experiences are shared throughout the school.