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Kia Ora!

Welcome to Kaitoke School on Aotea Great Barrier Island - an extraordinary off-grid school offering a truly unique learning experience for tamariki. Nestled amidst one of New Zealand's most remote and breathtaking landscapes, Kaitoke School provides a close-knit community that fosters a deep appreciation for learning, exploration, and environmental stewardship.


Our dedicated team of educators are committed to providing an enriching curriculum that celebrates the rich cultural and environmental heritage of the island. With a focus on academic excellence, social connection, and emotional growth, Kaitoke School is an inclusive and welcoming environment for all students, whether they are island residents or newcomers.


We think we are the best little off-grid school on the planet!

Kaitoke School Claris students smiling at the camera on the grassy field

Our Vision

We are committed to inspiring and nurturing our tamariki, helping them become happy, confident, lifelong learners through a localised curriculum that ignites imagination and creativity.


Our goal is to prepare our students to lead their community and the wider world towards a more sustainable future.

Our Values

We believe in fostering a values-based culture that supports our students' holistic development. Our core values are based on the principles of respect, responsibility, and resilience. Kaitoke kids aim high by showing:

Respect / Whakaute

We repect ourselves our friends, teachers, and the environment around us. We take care of the plants and animals in our school and community because they are important to us.


Responsibility / Haepapa

We do the right thing, even when no one is watching. We take care of our own things and help others when they need it. We also help take care of the planet by reducing waste, recycling, and conserving resources.


Resilience / Manawaora

We try our best and keep going, even when we make mistakes.We try our best and keep going, even when we make mistakes. We also want to be strong for the Earth by taking care of it and protecting it for future generations.


By following these values, we can create a happy and healthy school community where everyone feels valued and supported. We work together to make our school and our planet a better place!

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